Thrift Store Finds 10/20/2011

Sorry I've been so scarce, I'll be up in yer face starting in November but for now I'm working on something secret that is eating me alive.
And I've been 300% busy at work, too. So much so, that I haven't been to a thrift store in a LOOOONG time, but I stopped on lunch today and.... Whoa.

Ok, here we have a yellow ceramic deviled egg tray (I never have one when I want one)
a baby stripey jumper and stripey top
a ceramic Hello Kitty something-er-other
a chenille (made in France) vintage baby union suit- take that Missoni!
2 vintage dresses, one floral chiffon with clear blue buttons and one with an interesting waist detail and a cute but new dress for work
a pair of barely broken in Doc Marten Mary Janes
a pair of BRAND NEW Danskos

And these 3 giant bells. I am going to paint them acid green and hang them in the tall crap Mulberry tree in the yard... They will be loud and also loud.

Get it?

How much do you think I spent on all this??