Add to my resume: SUPERMODEL

Okay, okay. It's not modeling (count yourself as lucky!) - but it sure is SUPER! I'll be blogging at the completely new blog section on the website, starting today and I couldn't be more stoked. Come on, the flavor combination of Kiss My Aster plus Proven Winners is truly something to be devoured!

I asked myself, "Amanda, do you really want to associate yourself with a company and product line?" and I thought about Zooey Deschanel making cotton commercials (it's the fabric of our lives, you know) and Gwen Stefani selling hair dye and lipstick for Revlon and I thought to myself, "I actually really LOVE Proven Winners so that makes me totally authentic and Gwen isn't ever going to use an $8 box of dye over the bathroom sink, so I rule and she drools." And it was all settled- and so here we are.Link

Basically, this gig means I get to make more containers to show you and I get to think of other weird ways to use plants for your amusement, so that's a win for you. And I get to see what Proven Winners has got coming down the line before you do, and that is a TOTAL win for me.

I still have my street cred, right?

P.S. I'm part of a small flock of bloggers, one for each region ... Here is the link to the first post, by Genevieve Schmidt.