Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thrift Store Finds 12/15/2011

One of the things that has made me a successful thrifter/or vintage wearer is that I really know what will fit me and look good on me, just by looking at it on the hanger. Well, since being pregnant and popping a baby out- things aren't quite the same. So I haven't bought much for me lately, I'm going to wait until my body catches up with my brain (or vice versa) and just buy baby clothes for a while.

Vintage cotton velvet set and Winnie the Pooh brand smocked dress, along with a no-name pinafore and a pink sweater. New stuff: Icky Baby dress for when she's older, a Zutano top, Baby Gap sundress and a bathing suit cover-up... because why not? Also? A thousand Indian bangles...
I forgot this vintage knit dress in nautical colors. Um, sooooo cute.

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Lauri Rottmayer said...

What great finds! I love thrift shopping. My most recent awesome find was brand new hardcover books that I have on my wish list at that cost me a whopping $2.75 each. It would have cost me $50 for both at amazon. Getting ready to head and look for glass containers for a dessert bar. Too much fun! :-)