For Sale: Vintage Sofa (And A Little Lagniappe)

The facts:
1. We moved and were in need of a second sofa.
2. We don't have a lot of chowdah (money)
3. We like vintage stuff
4. Dan found a vintage pink sectional, in Gary Indiana, that had reportedly been in plastic since the 1950s.
5. Dan made plans with his ass-kickin', Tank Girl sister to go get the sofa in Gary, throw it in the back of her dump truck and deliver it to our house. Yeah, she has a dump truck. She's pretty bad ass.

I did not go with them. I cannot vouch for anything that did or did not happen after the above bulleted list

1. The sofa did have its covering, but it had cracked in many places
2. More interestingly, according to my husband and sister-in-law, a carcass/skeleton rolled out of the innards of the sofa whilest loading it into her truck.
3. "Bigger than a mouse, smaller than a dog"-- So, a cat or squirrel died inside my sofa.

Okay. I buy and wear vintage. I have to deal with the fact that I don't know if someone died in those killer stacked heels or if someone got it on in that silk dress... I'm pretty good with giving it a wash and moving on. So, we had a guy come in and clean it and...

I'm not even gonna think about how the dog forced his head under the far right portion until he was able to reach something he wanted, then walked away, chomping something brittle...

And I'm not going to think about what that stain is that didn't come out.