A Half-Assed Book Review and Full-Assed Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I got a copy of Niki Jabbour's The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener in the mail. It's arrival pretty much coincided with the arrival of a REALLY early spring here in Chicago. So I've been so busy with work, that I've only paged through it. But man, it's like reading a menu with mascarpone stuffed French toast on it and not being able to order it. 

Because when I flip through it... this book is hella sexxy.

It's really step by step, meaty as hell and has tons of photos, most with cute-as-a-button Niki doing garden chores. I can't flipping wait to sit down and read the bejeezus out of it. 

Interested in reading it yourself? Well, you can win a copy AND A BOX OF FREE PLANTS From Proven Winners (r)  (Stuff like Superbells (r) Lemon Slice Calibrachoa, Luscious (r) Berry Blend Lantana, Senorita Blanca (r) Cleome and WAY, WAY more)

All you have to do is go to THIS PAGE or THIS PAGE and "like" it. Then go to THIS page and post that you did that other liking. (Okay, it's a lot of liking. But you'll freak over the prize, yo)

The winner will be announced by 5pm, Tunisia time, on May 11th.

All these blogs are participating in the giveaway, too. Because they are my Proven Winners (r) Sister-wives.

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and Storey (The publisher of Niki's book and also my soon-to-be-born book, get it?)