Aster, Faster (Week of 1/14)

Look at me being CONSISTENT for a whole 2 weeks!

Ate: Dan and I went on a date night to a local Italian joint. It was great, or at least really good. The white bean and escarole soup made me very happy. It was recommended on Check, Please!, which always makes everything better!
Read: Always, always reading McSweeney's-- Words I Need For My Dissertation That Don't Exist by Carmen Faye Mathes
Made: Home-made play doh for Hazelnut. I left it uncolored so that there would be one less thing ruined in our house. What can possibly go wrong?
Heard: CAN NOT STOP! Santigold "Girls"
Grew: Working on forcing a.... shit. I can't tell you because I'm in the midst of blogging about it for (Shameless, I know)
Saw: Golden Globes- Fey and Poehler FOREVER!

Wore: My milkmaid headband like crazy
Bought: A ton of stuff from the thrift store, including a bunch of vintage smocks, for less than $30...