Aster, Faster (week of 1/20)

Ate: Trader Joe's Belgian Chocolate Pudding. OMG.
Read: Just a smidgen of Simon Doonan's Eccentric Glamour. I'm going through a fashion phase, again.
Made: a silly and difficult to make slideshow presentation on Google Drive, or whatever it's called now.
Heard: This story on NPR about tomatoes- super interesting!
Grew: A lovely Jasmine- totally budded and ready to smell up the whole house with its loveliness! I get one every year at this time and it's a total SAD fighter!
Saw: Spots. I got my pupils dialated when I went for new glasses. I'm sticking with the RayBans.
Wore: hot pink glitter Converse
Bought:  2 really old looking, unmarked brown crocks at the thrift store, .95 each. And this super rad throw....
Don't forget the gray stuff above are all links!