Aster (Faster) Week of 1/6/13

So. I don't blog enough. And it's not that I don't have anything to say or that 10000000000 things aren't happening. It's that I can't organize myself to tell you everything that's going on. So I'm going to try to give you a weekly breakdown I'm calling Aster (Faster) using the same dang format every week. Here goes nothing (literally).

This week I...
Ate: I just so happened to be in St. Louis for a trade show and the group I was with chose to eat at Bailey's Range, which is famous for their alcoholic milkshakes (which I did not indulge in, but those that did almost died, in a good way). I got a vegetarian patty melt and it was good. I'm still thinking about the mustard.
Read: Reading is rough at this stage of the game, I yearn for it, but I like hanging out with my kid too much now. But I am nibbling on the AMAZING Why Grow This When You Can Grow That? by the AMAZING Andrew Keys. Timber, his publisher, is having a Pin-It-To-Win-it contest right now too.
Made: all my writing deadlines (or at least I missed them by {} that much and made up for it with a sunny disposition)
Heard: Come on now. It's awesome. "Bike Chase" by Breezee One
Grew: All houseplants bouncing back from mealybug, the only thing I chucked was a piece of Red Shield Hibiscus I rooted in a glass of water. The mealybugs liked that more than I liked the mustard at Bailey's Range. It's been cold, cold, cold but some of the garden still looks pretty good.
Saw: Mutha flippin' Downton season 3 premiere, yo.
Wore: A vintage, thrifted beaded sweater that weighs 14 pounds, with a vintage (also thrifted) Jantzen wool shift dress with a Betsey Johnson zebra belt... to my first book signing here in Chicago
Bought: A milkmaid headband from Puppy Cat Meow (photos to come!)