Book Review Day!

All of the Proven Winners Garden Gurus are reviewing my book today, so I had to come up with something. A book review of my own book is pretty cocky. So I asked my Dad to do it for me.

Even cockier!

By my Dad...

When I was in fourth grade, you wouldn't have to write your new vocabulary words ten times and turn them in if you instead wrote a story incorporating each word only once .I was all over the story thing. I wove intricate fables incorporating remembrance, manufacturing and decompose into the same paragraph; My teacher said I had a "gift". Fast forward to my getting out of the Army and upon questioning on a blind date, bold faced stating that I wanted to live in an apartment furnished in black and white and write children's books, I was so deep. Anyway, along life's travails I came to know this very special person who wrote the fun and fact-filled home horticulture book "Kiss my Aster", Amanda Thomsen. She's my Daughter! But, you see, instead of thinking about writing, being told you have an aptitude in prose, she actually applied pen to paper (keyboard) and made something really special happen. While writing this book she also had time to:
1. be a wife
2. be pregnant and have a beautiful baby girl
3. keep her job in horticulture and
4. keep her hilarious blog: "Kiss my Aster" up to date with hardly skipping a beat.
She has delivered a book that has relevance and irreverence with spot on language anyone can understand. This is a self-help book steeped in experience. When she advises not to try to tear something out with a chain attached to the bumper of anything. It's me with my undersized 4-cylinder American-made small pick-up versus a 12 year old Burning bush. Really ugly, but eventually victorious, permanent damage to truck bumper, though. She will help you in manufacturing a landscape using "red wigglers" to decompose your compost with Landstalking remembrances to last a lifetime. Mrs Fegley said plural uses of the words was okay...

The End

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