Catching Up Before Going Out

Busy times over here in Maybeland. It seems most days include a celebration for something related to my book. Also, I had a birthday this week. All of these celebrations include a certain (starting tomorrow) 21 month old so life is very unpredictable, just the way I like it. I had such a stick up my butt when I was in my 20s, I would not have been able to enjoy (or achieve, actually!) any of this poppycock.

  • I'm leaving later this week for Seattle, where I speak at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Not sure what I'm most nervous about, the travel, the TWO presentations or what I'm gonna wear.

  • I've been meaning to post a funny story about a recent trip to Wisconsin, but since this little hoodlum was born I don't get a lot of computer time. Wait for it, it will be funny. I promise.