A Thrifted Score Becomes A Plant Log

This rad vintage accounting log was found at the local thrift for $2. I loved all the accouterments of playing office as a kid so much that I'd buy this thing just to have it, but I was with my sane friend, Julie, who makes me say (out loud!) what I'm gonna use weird shit for before I put it in the cart.

I said I'd use it to collect emails and whatever for e-newsletters when I go on these speaking event things. Which is a hoot! Like I'll ever get it together enough to send out e-newsletters. Pffft.

Any whip. I bought the thing and got to thinking about using it as a plant log of everything I buy and when I bought it. A plant log. This idea is like, romantic to me. 
Because I'm sick for plants. 
Can't wait to start...