Petal to the Metal

First it was the Summer Solstice, then the calendar flipped to July.
Summer is running through my fingers like play sand...
It's already... the end of July. OH. EM. GEE.

I can't be the only gardener in the weeds. I'm not where I thought I'd be, in the garden and I guess I could say in life, in general. I still have vegetable seedlings I thought I'd have room for, or traded away by now. I'm scratching that itch by throwing them in reusable shopping bags for the rest of summer or if I find a place- whichever happens first.

Still on my summer bucket list:

1. Remove the half Viburnum, half Elm from my main garden bed (The ViburnElm(TM) ). It's a WEIRD mix and me no likey.

2. Finish removing the locking paver border from around the garden that has no purpose other than making it hard to mow around

3. Fix the copper tripod that's been standing mysteriously on 2 legs for a month

4. Keep transplanting blackberries out of the main garden and into their own private Berry Den. Doesn't that sound like a hottt place to hang? the Berry Den?

5. Make cushions for the 60s lawn furniture set I bought 5 years ago. Don't blame me for that indecision, I never had the right inspiration! Now I have an orange Malm fireplace to match it with.

6. Continue to kill and block all driveway weeds with a tanker full of white vinegar.

7. Continue all front yard turf removal/plant additions. Such a short sentence and such a lot of work.

8. Train vines to grow up that mannequin I just added to the garden. She looks entirely too naked...

9. Clean the mulberry-based raccoon poop out of the playhouse and find some way to discourage that from every happening again (I have an idea, it includes the use of a chainsaw)

10. Weed. Everywhere.