Tuesday, August 06, 2013

This week...

A Trip to Ted's in my new old Saab

Indigo Rose is so pretty that there's no way it will taste good, too

Cuckoo for texture

King of August

Again, freaking over texture...

She knows how to water correctly

New acquisitions...


david grounds said...

some really nice example of garden flowers, thanks for sharing

biobabbler said...

omg, that watering correctly shot is SO CUTE! =) You're cloned a gardening jedi--nicely done!

That dahlia (yes?) is SO SPECTACULAR I want to shake my cat. But, he has claws and is sleeping peacefully, so I'd better not.


Not sure you can grow purple cherokee tomatoes out there, but they are dark and SO complexly colored on the inside and the tastiest tomatoes I've ever had--and I'm not really a tomato person, 'cept for those. Highly recommend, even if the seed catalog says "stingy yield." =)

gravy lessons said...

Indigo Rose is sooo much prettier than it's mild tomato flavor...but it keeps The Neighborhood Miscreants busy while the rest of my crop grows in! Cheers to distraction crops.

P.S. Your helper is super cute.