Monday, September 09, 2013

I Taught a Class at the Maker Space- Harold Washington Library, Chicago

You may say, "You sure don't blog enough, Aster. What the fajitas are you doing with yourself that you're too busy to blog?"
Well. I do stuff like teaching this class on making planters chock full o' wackadoo succulents, complete with kitschy containers, weird little individual work stations and a gnome. I truly takes time, energy and effort to pull this kind of ya-ya off! but it was AWESOME! More than 15 people showed up and I lost track after they started trickling in after we started.
The Maker Space is so totally rad, too. I wish I had thought up something to make on the 3D printer, but something tells me I should truly just stick to plants...

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biobabbler said...

Wow. It is pretty amazing how the (esp. wackado) containers are TRANSFORMED by the plants. I'm really not creative in that way (at ALL), so it's very useful for me to see the magic that can happen.

btw, I kept looking for you in the group photos. Then I realized you were probably the photographer, as well as the teacher. Only on 2nd cup of coffee.

Looks like everyone was TOTALLY engaged--nice job! =)