Kiss My Aster's Holiday Gift Guide 2013-- Day 1: Berry Strainer from My Mother's Garden

I don't often get to go to the bathroom alone, let alone have time to blog. So when I felt a strong inner tug to blog a gift idea for gardeners EVERY DAY between now and Christmas, I figured it was just the Nyquil talkin'.
But it hasn't gone away, the urge has just gotten stronger.
So I'll do what I always do, start it and see where it takes me.

One the first day of the Christmas season, you could buy for your gardening friend....

A berry strainer set from My Mother's Garden.
I'm so wild about this gift idea, I can't even tell you. It's perfect for the gardener that has everything. the fruit/vegetable gardener... It comes in a few gorgeous colors.

I've bought a few things from Karrita in the past, always opened to box to find something that exceeds expectations.
Go forth and STRAIN!