Sunday, December 01, 2013

Day 3 of Gift Ideas for Gardeners: The Seedkeeper

I'm not organized. Shocked?
This last year, I finally got all my important documents in a cool vintage lock box and I finally got all my seeds 100000% organized in a Seedkeeper.
Check my priorities, yo. My social security card... and my SEEDS!

My Seedkeeper is a little overfull, like myself on paczki day or something, but it still works like a charm!
A great gift for anyone that KNOWS that she who dies with the most seeds, wins. 


Patricia Taylor said...

How long are seeds good for?? I always find some after I have already planted all my other seeds?!

Kiss My Aster! said...

I've used some super old seeds- it depends on what it is and how much abuse they've taken!