Monday, December 02, 2013

Day 4 of Gift Ideas for Gardeners: Foxgloves

I don't wear garden gloves often, but when I do, it's these super badass Foxgloves Elle in fuchsia. They LITERALLY make me feel like I'm a gardening superhero, which I sort of am, anyways.
They are fancy and awesome. They dress up any Prince t-shirt/yoga pants combo you may be rockin'.

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biobabbler said...

oh, man, SUPER tempted.
But I just spent $$ on a combo pack of dahlias (SO on sale),
and spent more $$ on perennials (NOT on sale but couldn't help myself),
all this week.

I'm not well…

But I'm CERTAIN those gloves would change this "hobby" into a wonderful cash cow so I could profit from gardening, right? Right? =) xoxo