Thursday, December 05, 2013

Day 7 of Gift Ideas for Gardeners: This Garden Belt

I'm the type that does not seek to add leather to my world, if it's second hand I don't mind so much, but overall I'm pretty creeped out by say, a leather coat. Yeeesh.

Then I see something like this entirely practical leather gardening belt and I think, how else would something else like this be made? This is just the perfect thing.
This thing is pretty badass, no?

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biobabbler said...

Wow. That looks AWESOME.

WHY do long leather coats cause creep-out? I'm the SAME way. Many years ago on a date w/a man, he dressed up & wore a long leather coat. OMG. I am NOT terribly superficial or into clothes, but, wow. It was a sign. =)

But, a garden holster? Hell, yeah! Then I can shred any leather jackets that come within 10 feet of me.