4 Tips for Surviving the Rest of the Winter

I don't complain about the weather. I love where I live and I wouldn't trade it for the world, so why bitch about, like, 14 feet of snow and arctic temperatures? I see it a a great group experience I get to go through with 3 million other people. It bonds us.

But now. I'm getting a little tired of it. There is no friggin' break from it in the near future and I've already used up all of my upbeat attitude and coping skills so I needed to dig deep and create some new ones.I'm sharing them with you, because I bet we're in the same canoe...

1. Eat fresh basil on everything. I bought a giant container of it and used it on everything for a few days in it turned my frown upside down. Also? It was grown in Chicago. Weird, right?

2. Go to every greenhouse and conservatory you can. For me this means visits to Ted's Greenhouse* and Seguin Gardens and Gifts* as well at the Chicago Botanic Gardens 3 kick-ass greenhouses, Garfield Park Conservatory or Lincoln Park Conservatory. If you can find a place to legally pop a squat, read a magazine or whatever and just soak in those rays and planty goodness you'll feel better, I swear.

3. Sit in your parked, running car with a blindfold on and listen to A Tribe Called Quest**. Don't run the heat, pretend it's your totally effective air conditioning. Suspend your disbelief. Wear shorts and a t-shirt.
Can we kick it? Yes we can.

4. Tropical drinks. Lots of them. Full tilt tiny umbrellas and stir sticks.Rum is the answer. Who even remembers the question?

It's going to be March in, like, 20 minutes and I'm thinking there's no relief in sight. So if you see me drinking rum punch in my car (parked in the driveway), stereo BLARING and my car is filled with plants wrapped up like babies... that's legal, right??

*Buying indoor plants when it's this old can be problematic, like bringing a newborn home from the hospital. Blankets, a warm car and no stops on the way home. You gotta plan it out if you're gonna do it.

**If you are old, try the Beach Boys.