Which Witch Hazel? And Where? I'm Curious!

It's that time of the year when each and every gardener and garden writer I'm friends with on social media posts a photo of their witch hazel in bloom. I'm NOT being snarky. It's a fact! And If I HAD one, I'd do it too. 

But it got me to thinking... I love witch hazel as a skin care product (and when I was pregnant I MAY HAVE used it for, ahem, other issues). I know it's derived by distilling the bark, but who's got a witch hazel farm? I mean, how have I missed these farms with rows and rows of perfectly lined up witch hazels that get routinely coppiced and made into skin tonics and Tucks?
So I did some reading (this article and that article) and holy Hamamelis! That shizz is entirely harvested from the wild. Isn't that SO COOOL?? So these dudes go around asking people if they can harvest on their land, paying them to do so and then cutting them down and hauling the jackpot out. So it's mostly in wooded areas and they have to know what they are looking for in the dead of January. Isn't this FASCINATING?

Dude. Come on. It is.

In the way of a visual, I give you a photo of my daughter Hazel dressed up like a witch.