I Am In No Way Capable Of Giving Parenting Advice

I'm a good gardener and a somewhat atrocious parent.
And proud of it.
I'm not bad at the parenting itself, I just do it differently than, it would seem, almost all the other parents I run in to around here. I'm trying to raise an individual and not a little cog, right?
Well, here's what my little cog is enraptured with right now...

  • Spotify has playlists just for kids. There's one called "Once Upon A Time" that's just readings of popular fairy tales. It doesn't make my ears bleed, but I WAS worried that the reading of "Bluebeard" was too much for her. Especially later when she made a scary face when I asked her a question and answered it with "SO YOU MUST DIE!". Other than that, I've been playing it, by demand, for her for a week now and she's so quiet in the back seat I sometimes think I may have forgotten her someplace. 
  • From the Library: This Is The House That Jack Built, My Beastie Book of ABCs and Too Princessy!