#NotAFoodie: Coconut Oil Fried Tortilla Chips

I have this jalapeño artichoke dip in the fridge and nothing to dip in it. I also have a month old bag of corn tortillas (because, ya know, you make enchiladas and there's still 300 in the bag) and half a jar of old coconut oil. I didn't really know what to do with the coconut oil because I really don't ever fry things but it was super cheap at TJ's and I wanted it. Maybe I'd use it as a hair conditioner someday. Riiiiiiiiight.

Anyway, I decided to dump the oil into a pan and try frying those old tortillas up. I scraped the oil, because it's solid coming out of the fridge, into the pan and it melted instantly. I turned up the heat and it was ready to rock, right away. I fried up a few and, luckily, Hazel wandered in and asked for one. Oh good, she can try it and tell me if it sucks before I do.

She liked it.

I fried up as much as I had oil for, doing 8 at a time, then 6, then 2 at a time at the end. I didn't need a ton of oil at all.

I salted the chips and... Dan wandered in and tried them. He liked them. NO WAY did he know they were fried in coconut oil or he wouldn't have tried them.

My turn- I freaking love them. I really can't taste the coconut and they were super rad in the dip. They seem a little greasier than normal chips but in a truly awesome way. I mean, I can just skip the napkins and rub that into my hair.
coconut oil fried tortilla chips 
P.S. These chips were only good warm- a few hours old they were bizarre to say the least