Fall Clean-Ups Suck: Here's Why

It's the first nice day after a miserable winter, so I went out to my garden and did my fall clean up. You think I mistyped and I mean spring clean up, right? Nope. Because fall clean ups are for losers.

Madame Nature knows what the heck she's doing out there, who am I to interfere? Dead foliage and leaf cover keep things protected all winter. PLUS I like to watch my garden freeze in place and start to decay a little. I think it's 30000 billion times more interesting than watching a blank effing bed of nothing just sitting there all winter. Some people go out there and cut gorgeous things down in their prime because of a date on the calendar. That's just asshattery.

PLUS I'm lazy as hell in the fall.

Because I don't do a fall clean up, I enjoy things like a rose blooming on the first of December, finding a few more beets in the ground for Thanksgiving dinner, a bird chompin' on my Globe Thistle. Irises rebloom in late fall, if you've got good mojo. Of course there are plants I wouldn't leave in my garden all winter because they could potentially spread powdery mildew or aster yellow, but damn, I just don't grow those plants so that I don't have to sweat it.

I say, one clean up in spring, even if it's massive and takes a few days to complete, when your SOUL reallllly needs it, is the way to go. Save your fall clean up time for boot shopping and finding the right coat that covers your butt.  Fall clean ups just suck.
Who knew Sagina could be evergreen? I didn't. I think last year it just hung on by a thread and it was mostly dead come spring. 

Still tons of snow in the beds, that didn't stop me from getting on my knees and raking the beds with my fingers. I didn't want to use a rake and damage anything coming up, PLUS it was tres therapeutic to get down and dirty.
P.S. I can't believe how freaking thuggy raspberries are.