ClusterLuck: Easter Cuts

I believe in cutting bouquets from my garden like I believe in Kate Bush's video for Wuthering Heights. These are just things that make me, ME.  But it's a serious challenge coming up with cuts from the garden when you're a skosh behind due to winter brutality.
Last year I have blooming viburnum nibblets to work with. But the viburnum had a young elm tree growing through the center of it, plus its own roots were girdling it, so I dug it up to try and save it. Naturally, I killed it in the process. So what do I have to work with?

Willow tree cuttings
Just a few pansies, daffodils and muscari
The first pieces of bronze fennel

And the real star of the show are the rad milk glass cups I used as vases. They were 45 cents at the thrift store. SHAZAM!

And I can't forget the thrift store rabbit planter that gets to spend a week of the year on the main stage, as opposed to my tiny bathroom window. Sorry dude, that's just how it is.

I'm no floral designer, but that's never going to stop me from enjoying the act of bringing what's outside and sticking it on my table. NEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEERRRRRRRRRR!