YES. I do. Crinum is a treat from the South, kinda like pralines, I guess. They are virtually unknown to Northern gardens and I've had them now for over 2 winters, one of those winters was UNGODLY.
I present to you- CRINUM!

I was sent a lovely box of these beauties from Jenks Farmer, a few years back. I read the detailed instructions and then went ahead and disregarded them. Not because I felt I knew better, because what the **** do I know about Crinum?? I just totally garbled the instructions in my mind. So he said "full sun, you big ninny, they are used to growing in the South, duh!" and so I planted them in the dark like a total toot*. And I don't remember what varieties any of them are, one is huge and one has red foliage. None of them have bloomed yet, probs because I planted them in a black hole.

There's this moment in late winter where I have to yank a little rot off the top of the bulb, hence that ugliness at the top of the leaves on the biggest one. The smaller ones will have it, too. No big whoop.

Should I move them? Should I leave them to shake up my shade garden with their totally unexpected stripy foliage in my shady garden?

*"Toot" is what Hazel calls farts.