Mud-Life Crisis

A year ago, I quit my fancy-pants, high-end landscaping job that I totally loved... because it made me miserable. Really great things were happening to me outside of work every day, I had a badass book that had just been released, I was touring the country promoting it, we moved into my dream house*, my kid is cuter than a baby Ewok... I had no time to appreciate it because my mind was always girdled with work. And seriously, it was just landscaping. So, I quit and I've been trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up since then. I tried a few part-time jobs and they were nice, but it just didn't feel right.

It sounds indulgent, like I've been eating chocolate flourless cake and taking bubble baths and journaling for the last year. I swear, no chocolate flourless cake has been eaten in the last 365. Shockingly, it's truly been a really awkward year and I'm still drifting but, I've decided what I want to be.... A garden blogger.

Funny, right? I miss the days when I could create shit all the time and write about it and people would read it. So I'm gonna be doing just that. I've been working, silently, on 2,000 projects to show you. Seriously, I've got the goods, coming right up.

I'm also taking on a LOT of speaking gigs at every garden club I can get to. (Because now I'm pretty broke, yo.) And do some yard consulting/garden therapy, too. And more writing. I'd love to write another book but I have to sell a few thousand of the old one first. (PLEA: Buy my damn book)

Coming up week: An Easter front door display that's A LITTLE over the top

Yeah, I swear it's not THIS over the top. 
*My dream house is pretty much a falling down shack to someone else. I freaking love it but the old girl NEEDS HELP.