Reconstructed Rabbit

I had a little purple glitter in my dinner last night. Here's why:
I made this insane, glittered, purple, yard bunny
He didn't always look like that. In fact, those are totally prosthetic paws! His original paws cracked off in a bizarre snow melt incident. And he had a banged up ear, too. I'm sure anyone else would have... hey, how do you dispose of an unwanted cement garden creature? Bury it?
So I patched him up, but once he was whole again I had to find a way to make him look like he was never patched. 
And if glitter doesn't hide all the flaws, what does?
Patching his ear

patching the paws

Cement Bunny: all patched up
I did all the patching with kids' play clay that air dries, the kind you can pick up anywhere. I've used that stuff to fix all sorts of thrift store treasures that have a bite taken out of them. A tub of clay runs about $5 and it's super useful to keep around the house for all sorts of small fixes but it does tend to dry out once the tub has been opened. I gave Hazel a chunk to play with while I was working on the rabbit so that she kept her tiny fingers off my fun project and then a hush fell upon my kitchen table as two generations crafted their pants off. 

Speaking of my kitchen table? Yeah. No Pinterest set-up photo shoots here. I had that junk sitting on the table while I was working on this so it's in the photos. You're okay with that, right?

Once his paws dried a little, I pulled them off and added some craft glue inside them and stuck them back on. I don't want them falling off later on, so why not take the extra step?
Then began the mayhem:

Hazel and I gave him 3 coats of paint with foam brushes. He totally soaked up the paint in some spots. Painting is SO MUCH easier than glittering so I wanted to be sure that he was really covered. You'll never notice the glitter bald spots if there's paint there. Or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Paws went last, I wanted to be sure they were completely dry before painting. 

Ready for glitter!
Once he was purple, I put him into a box that would serve as a glitter catcher and went to town with Outdoor Mod Podge. I painted him everywhere with a thick coat of the stuff and sometimes moved him into a second box to reuse the glitter that was gathered on the bottom of the first box. Over and over. This is why there was glitter in my pasta last night. It really could have been worse, though. I have lots of experience glittering shit within an inch of its life. I played "Purple Rain" on a loop while doing this:

I have him in a protected area or I would have covered the glitter with another coat of Mod Podge. He looks BRILLIANT outside, the sun catches him and lights him up. He's one of my favorite garden projects, ever.