The One Where I'm Going To Hell

I don't go looking for trouble, it just finds me. I was just, you know, planting some seeds with my toddler and minding my own business when things got a little out of hand and I used rosary pieces as seedling markers. I'm sure it could happen to anyone.
I guess not everyone would buy a giant bag of rosary pieces at the thrift store for $1.45. THAT is probably where I went so wrong. See? It's a huge bag. I don't know what I planned on doing with them-Enhancing a wind chime was the first thing that came to mind.

 I started planting seeds around noon, Hazel wanted to help soon after that and things started to move fast. I needed markers for my seeds that were hard plastic. Something I could write on with Sharpie. I just so happened to have this giant sack of rosary parts nearby and...

I'm sure it could happen to anyone. Right?