Dahlia Planting, With Shrinky Dinks

I don't do a lot of plant labeling, which is an old habit that has to stop, because I don't know where the hell anything is anymore. When I was younger and had less going on, I had an encyclopedic knowledge of what stuff was and where. Now I have a post-it stuck to my computer to remind me that I have Scrophularia macrantha in my garden, somewhere.

Dahlias are sorta "my thing". I know I have a lot of things (i.e. garden kitsch in general), but I really love Dahlias. And when I'm planting them, I like to mark where I stick the tubers because it'd be nice to know which tubers are which until they come up. So, I needed some plant markers that wouldn't irritate my incredible, superior and fancy aesthetic. 

Which I am totally kidding about because last year I used plastic baby food spoons to mark where I stuck the Dahlias, which worked well until the baby asked "Why my spoons out hee-ya?" and yanked them all out. 

Superior aesthetic=baby spoons

I have an elaborate plant labeling craft that I plan to do in the near future, but I was waiting for more plants to come up before I tackled it. So, what to do?


I just happen to have a pack of Shrinky Dink film laying around, so I used a whole page, wrote the name of each of the 7 Dahlias across the top, sliced up the page, stuck them in the oven for about 12 seconds and SHAZAM. 

And ouch to my grabby lil' fingers. HOT HOT HOT.

They aren't as fancy as I could have gotten them, but shit, I am not THAT blog. There are other blogs out there if you're looking for perfection!
I made quick, cool, useful plant markers and took pictures of them in a weed patch in my back yard.
Yes, I battled my inner high school senior when writing "Black Satin"...

Enough Creeping Charlie for you?

I may have bought this one for the name

Not that noticeable, totally functional