Dig Me Out, Dig Me In

Getting plants for free from a friend is THE BEST. When your friend is a bonafide plant collector it's enough to lose your head over.

What did I get? Some Allium, Spanish Bluebells, 3 funky roses (Rosa Carolina, a Scots rose and Purple Pavement), a ton of Virginia Bluebells, 3 different weird Geraniums...

And some bizarre Sedum (possible Hylotelephium 'Clown'), a few cup plants, a Crambe cordifolia, Alpine strawberries, Some purple Lysimachia, some Digitalis...
Some native black raspberries and then I had to leave because my head was going to explode. Because once you dig up that schizz, you gotta get it in the ground right away, like put on the ambulance lights, get home AND DIG!

Put what you can in the ground and put a nice wet sheet on top of what you just can't. I like a tablecloth because it's just that littlest bit thicker. I kept this on all night and everything looked tip top this morning, so I continued the abuse and drove around all day with these poor plants in the back, in full sun. No damage!

That being said, having a wet sheet in your car all night causes condensation issues up the wazzoo all up on your windshield and such. So plan for that.