Some Weeds Are Bigger Than Others

Two weeks ago, Giant Hogweed was in the news. My mom and my husband sent notes asking me if I'd heard of it, because neither of them read my bloggging.  Which is honestly okay, it'd spook me out if they did.
I wrote about Giant Hogweed for Fine Gardening a while back and since then, I've come to realize that what I have, growing in my yard, is Cow Parsnip and not Giant Hogweed. Even though it isn't Giant Hogweed, it can still cause major rooroos and even though it is totally gorgeous. I have to kill that shizz before it kills me.

I tried dumping vinegar on it (we can pickle that!) but it just left white streaks on the leaves and continued to conquer this forgotten space in my yard. Then I went at it with a kettle of boiling water. While effective, the boiling water thing is dangerous in its own right. But it seems to be dying, slowly.

I'd love to kill it organically and easily, because I see step 2 as buying one of these and attacking it with a shovel.
after the kettle treatment
Before kettle treatment

It's so freaking pretty. Such a shame.