Cluster Luck: Peonies, Ants and Bedside Awesomeness

This week's bouquet:
Peonies from a remote part of the yard- no sense in letting them blow away out there! Might as well cut them all! The vase was 95 cents at the Salvation army, hobnail milk glass

Peony envy: check out those Darth Vader Vans!

 When I cut the peonies, there were a SHIT TON of ants on them. That's completely normal but I didn't want to bring them in until they were gone. I have used cucumber peels to successfully suppress ants on the inside of my house, so I jammed half of a baby cucumber that Hazel gave up on eating in the bouquet. It seemed to work.

I love Gardenias. I know it's a love it or hate it scent. I'm committing to buying myself one every Mothers' Day so I can sleep next to its terrific stink.

Gardenia at my bedside, 30 year old alarm clock- I have had sweeter dreams since I started doing this