Summer Lovin' for my Front Door (summer pots)

 Here is what my spring-themed container set-up at my front door looked like:
I was glad for those sad Forsythia twigs to GO....

 More photos and excuses for my bizarre choices can be found here. 

I wanted to go COMPLETELY DIFFERENT for summer. But I didn't. So now I know I have to tear it up for autumn.

The large pot includes such hits as Pseudeanthemum 'Black Varnish'. a variegated Abutilon, a DWARF fiber optic grass, variegated St. Augustine grass and a Cardoon. Scented geraniums and cat grass in surrounding pots. I think I want to collect a few more scented geraniums for this scene this summer.  Purple Basil by the door, since it's Hazel's favorite snack. I should not hav mulched it with beer bottle caps, since it's her favorite. It's like an odd wind tunnel in this area, the more I sweep the more crap blows in. So deal with the debris, please. 

The older I get, the more plant names I forget. But I know that's a Peperomia polybotrya in the white urn.