The Mannequin: In Case You Were Wondering

I think it would come as a shock to many if I said that, occasionally, I put a lot of thought into my hare-brained ideas.

Let me start with this video:
How did you do? Uh huh. I thought so.

Well, I don't need to ask you to pay attention to the lady wearing white in my garden. She asks ALLLLLLLLLL by herself.
She quietly speaks SO LOUDLY that you don't even notice the giant dead patch in the Arborvitae behind her.

See it now???

When we moved in, there was a giant plastic trellis with a trumpet vine growing on it that was placed a little too close to the line of Arborvitae. It's not that I don't love trumpet vine, I do, when it's out on the 3rd acre of your yard or when I drive past it on a telephone pole on a country road, in another state. Here, it was trying to grow into the siding on the house and through the window screens. Frankly, I was afraid it was going to come after me and my family. So we removed it and the trellis.

Of course it continues to plan its next attack, daily, but that's another post for another day.

After we removed it, there was a huge bald spot left in the Arbs. I spent a lot of time thinking about what would redirect the eye, instead of pointing a finger and drawing attention to the large rectangle of death.
I had a large topiary form of a woman there for a while, she wasn't bold and naked enough to do the job.

Does it work? I'm no longer a good judge because I ALWAYS see the dead spot. But people who come to visit never notice, until I point it out.