Weeding JACKPOT: Another One Hour Patio!

The Chicago weather has been perfect for weed growth and ice cream. It rains every day. It's so steamy outside that our windows are covered with condensation in the morning. It's New Orleans without the rum and beignets and gumbo and charm.

So, I promised myself that once we got a cool day, I'd go out and do some really aggressive weeding. And so I did... but I didn't expect to hit the jackpot.
I made a copper teepee here last year but it kept falling over. 

 This is an area I kept better control of last year, if only because we had less rain. I've been meaning to get out there for weeks, to the point where I've been photographing it to urge me on, but between the heat and the mosquitoes, I just really needed a cool day. And today was THE day.

THIS is why I garden. Heck, THIS is what I live for!

I pulled out a few chunks of reed canary grass and noticed flagstone underneath. I excitedly kept digging and pulling the poison ivy, creeping Charlie, buckthorn, goldenrod, Adenophora and more until I unearthed and entire forgotten patio!
The teepee was never really in the dang ground! It kept hitting flagstone before!
WHY is it that this stuff happens when my Polar Loop is charging? Because I'm pretty sure I just got my full day's activity out there. It took less than an hour and now I have a great place to put the bench my neighbor gave us. After I glitter it.