When the @#$% Hits the Fan: Gardening, Condensed

We have only lived in this house for a little over 2 years. As ambitious as I am about the landscaping, I understand that living someplace for 2 years with a 3 year old, mathematically, is like living here for less than 1 year.
I just can't get things done the way I used to, I could crank it out before baby. When we moved in here, I made a 5 year plan and I've been sticking to it. It's a large and wily property. I don't seek to remove all it's wildness, but it was a little neglected for a few years and I seek to reclaim a little order.

Well, the 5 year plan has just gone down the shitter. My little sister wants to get married in my back yard in 2 months. I need to get off the damn computer and go dig ditches, you guys. This is my first time sitting at my desk since they got engaged on the 4th of July.

It's not that the place is a mess, it's just that everything is my project and I work on it when time allows, when there's money for manure and the weather doesn't threaten me with bodily harm. I've said it repeatedly, I love gardening because it keeps me off the streets. I love long, drawn out projects. I'm in no hurry to finish, because when there's nothing left to do I'll probably kick the bucket. I'm a putterer, don't take away my putt!

So I've been working my aster off the 2 days a week that HayJay is in school. I'm never looking for perfection, just looking to put a cap on all these projects in limbo.
Well, I just got 3 yards of compost delivered so I need to go. I won't be a good blogger, or even a decent Facebooker until this is over. Instagram is your best bet if you start to miss me.
I'll try to pop in for some updates.