Halloween: As Good As It Gets

Halloween used to be my THANG and now it's starting to strike a little fear in my heart and not in a horror movie kind of way. I used to have Halloween stuff up all year, as I was very much an Every Day is Halloween , a whiff of Wicca, Hey-I-want-to-dress-like-Stevie-Nicks, too-happy-to-be-Goth sort of 20 & 30 something. Now I'm 40 and stuffing candy-free, nut-sensitive treat bags and making sure my kid's costume is warm enough and her shoes match her costume. 
I still live in a house full of costumes of all sizes (including a certain "one size fits all" bunny costume that doesn't fit ME) and I still love Halloween in my heart. But shit. This is a helluva lot of work. I had more planned that I didn't achieve, but hey, there's always next year, right?

I'm not sure why people rush to put out the Halloween spooktacular on October 1st. By the 31st it's lost all the scariness. I wait until the last minute, which suits my personal timeline anyways, and set it up while the little nugget is in school and I know that there's a "Christmas morning" effect.  Since she is most likely my only trick or treater, that's really all that matters. 

Things of note: 

I cut some branches off a maple that was EN FUEGO with fall color a few weeks ago and stuck it in a container filled with wet sand and it has had really great staying power. I recommend it!

Loved using this thrift store found tennis-ball-picker-upper for gourds, too. I mean.... What the hell else am I going to use it for?

I added the eyes

 I woke up to snow and said "oh shit" to which the sleeping toddler in my arms said "Mommy, why you say 'Oh shit'?" I could have sworn she was sleeping! Anyways, she was pretty much lulled back to sleep by my explanation of falling temperatures, frost and tender plants. The Dahlias all got cut and stuck in vases. Good thing my garden is in very Halloween colors.
Dan was temporarily in a vintage-Halloween-collecting-stage. This is the proof.

'Twilight Zone' rose is the appropriate star of the show!

Hazel's favorite part! This kid adores RATS!

Here's hoping my little Spider Girl likes it!

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