The KMA Method of Bulb Planting

To begin with, I've always thought people that plant their bulbs in September to be goody-goodies and people I would probably not like very much (or would like me!). Perhaps these are people that do not live life by the seat of their yoga pants? I have a sound method for planting large masses of bulbs in my garden that relies on hardcore laziness/practicality that I feel the need to pass on to you.

I also urgently want you to know that you DESERVE bulbs, lots of them. If I hadn't had a few hundred in my garden this incredibly fashionably-late spring, I would have gone totally off the deep end. Starved for color and blooms, as I was, after such a frustrating winter. It is perennially my garden resolution to plant more bulbs and I'm a little fired up to make it happen this year. Who knows if I will, though. Because, you know, Gilmore Girls is on Netflix and all. 

So here's the method:

1. Buy bulbs, generously. You'll never have too many. I recommend John Scheepers or Longfield Gardens. They have a gorgeous selection and it's WAY easier to plan when buying on-line than standing at a garden center, piecing a a master design together. Treat yo'self. Have bulbs sent to your front door and then once you have them, plant them at your convenience. 
2. Wait for stuff in your garden to kick the bucket. Namely, your vegetables, annuals and dahlias. Rip that stuff out and toss it in the compost. 
3. Toss all those bulbs you bought in one big box. Grab a mixed up handful and throw them in the newly vacant hole. Throw some great soil or delicious compost on top and call it a day. Don't stress them being spaced perfectly or them being all facing up. Dudes, if a squirrel can plant a tulip, you can too. They will grow with only this help from you. Trust.

When did I end up planting bulbs last year? Late. It was early November. And later than that? I did it in the dark, skipping dinner to get it done. It didn't take long once I got it going but, whoa. Late. But I've planted bulbs as late a March before. And it worked!

I took some hilarious photos of me planting bulbs in the dark last fall but I can't find them. I imagine they were too dark to matter, anyways. Here are a few photos of the actual bulbs as they came up in the spring. 

A kicking mix of 'Flaming Purissima' and 'Queen of Night' with a dollop of muscari really made the best of my scads of Bleeding Heart and Heucheras. I'd do it again, in fact, I'm planning it now. My dahlias are still tall and strong so I'll sit on the sidelines until it's time!