Celluloid Heroes: Vintage Cupcake Toppers for Your Terrariums

Now that the weather is turning evil, I want to blog about junk you can get for next-to-nothing that can be used in your garden. I want to do this regularly, like, weekly. But let's not rush into anything. The first thing I'll drivel on about is kicking up a terrarium a notch using vintage cupcake toppers.
Some of my hoard

It's that time of year where I become interested in terrariums, again. And for me, a terrarium can't just be plants. Nope, it's gotta have some sort of crap decor in there, too, to make it interesting. I do terrariums just like I do gardens, so bring on the weensy plastic bowling balls, vintage junk and microglitter. Or you could just use some old cupcake toppers. They were once the star of the party and now they have been in the back of a junk drawer for 40 years. Why not upcycle these cool cats (and clowns and bridesmaids), get them back out into the light of day and improve that boring ol' terrarium at the same time?
Silver ballerina may or may not have all of her limbs

I often find rad vintage cupcake toppers at garage sales and thrift stores that were practically MADE to be stuck in a terrarium, except they were made to go in cake and and not dirt. Their cake-grabbing spikes adapt to living inside a terrarium perfectly. Often made of plastic or fabulous celluloid, skip the paper, cotton, pipe cleaner or fabric ones. They won't hold up to the moisture in that t'rium of yours.

Yeah, I just shortened "terrarium" to "t'rium" and I expect it to become common jargon for the whole planet, tout de suit.

Here is an Etsy Treausury of a few cupcake topper options I really like. 


  • Make bitchin' baby shower favors by making tiny terrariums out of old baby food jars with these creepy babies in them. I feel like that could be accurately passive-agressive for a lot of new moms. 
  • Ball jars are hot, right? For that DIY wedding, why not terrariums in Ball jars with these happy couples in them?  Also passive-agressive?
  • I love making terrarium Christmas ornaments out of snap-together clear plastic globes that are available at the craft store. Why not squeeze one of these terrifying Santa heads up in that thing?