A Little Bit Potting, A Little Bit Party: Reuse THIS!

I've tried a lot of potting benches and I've also tried to be the kind of person that doesn't need a potting bench. I mean, what a luxury piece of furniture! Are potting benches in the same league as bidets? I really do like them. Potting benches, not bidets.
So I really needed one and after looking around I realized there wasn't anything I wanted, specifically.

And then Dan found this:
It's a really old concrete laundry sink he found on Craigslist for nothing. I think he hurt himself in many ways getting it to me. I have a slice of old crappy melamine that covers the top, this is my work surface. I sometimes use a piece of oilcloth, weighted down with tons of clothespins to keep it from blowing away, as a beautifier. You know, for parties and hoedowns.
Oilcloth doesn't like cold weather it gets wrinkly and stiff. I meant to blog this a few weeks ago but it was actually COLDER then than it is now. Yeah, I waited until December when it was warmer...
Chicago is so weird.
When I'm not having a party, the old girl just looks like this....

and then when I'm using it...
I can keep bulk soil in here in potting season but I dwindle down to a small bag some time in fall. Dan bought plugs so I can rinse them out if I want.

But wait, isn't a TWO compartment sink???
The other side, just slid the melamine back...
We can fill it with ice and beer* and have a party! The cement does a great job at keeping drinks cool in summer even without ice and the beer hasn't frozen yet, either. I think it has some seriously magical properties.

Sometimes, especially on Pinterest, there are so many suggestions that no one is every going to think is a good idea and I'm afraid this is one of them. This works SO WELL for me but might look stupid or not work for anyone else, And then there's the hazard of getting a sink that weighs a ton into your yard.
What do you think?

(This is not my selection of beer, it's left over from the wedding and we are trying to pawn it off on... anybody. I am a fancy beer drinker, if at all.)