Kiss My Christmas!

 It's like I've been in active avoidance of the date, which is December 22nd. I set up an advent tree for Hazel so that we could both keep track of how many days were left until Christmas but I still couldn't grasp it, even with the visual. Between me and you, I even set up the tree 3 days late.

I made a few wreaths, including a 24" one made from clippings from a Yew that grows outside my front door. It was easy to work with and looks fine... it just doesn't smell like an evergreen. In fact, it smells a bit like a aloe plant that's beginning to rot out.
I chose a different route in embellishing it. As usual.

At my front door, I couldn't really find greens I was into so I just went and cut some out of my Mom's yard. I topped them with bowling balls and called it a day. There's some sort of weird wind tunnel action in that area and there are just ALWAYS leaves by the door, as well as inside in our hallway, and I just don't even see them anymore.

I have 2 more areas still under construction but rain/and or glitter is keeping me back.
Lemme know what you think....