Raising the Pink Flag

A long time ago, when I lived in Chicago's Avondale 'hood, there was a woman that had a "famous" native front yard and absolutely no grass. Famous/notorious, take your pick. Half the neighborhood thought it was gorgeous and half thought it was a rat-inducing nightmare. I liked it, but was consistently annoyed by the white landscape flag marking each and every plant. Also, she wore a black bathing suit to work in her garden every day and she looked like Mrs Claus. Those things were not annoying, just totally worth mentioning, for some reason. 

So, fast forward 10 years and I've got every damn plant in my yard marked with a hot pink flag. 

Here's the deal, I'm eliminating my lawn and I keep plopping plants in and moving things around and I'm just not ready to commit to mulch/woodchips yet. In the meantime I'm doing a lot of string-trimming and I have a guy that mows my lawn so I want to be sure no plant gets the guillotine. I have a sea of flipping pink flags, I can't even believe myself. 

So, this morning I'm walking out the door to take Hazel to school and there's a young man in a hard hat and safety vest standing there. Weird. He asks me if all those pink flags are mine, because he has a work order from AT&T to remove all the pink marking flags from a neighborhood project that took place over the winter. 
Glad I was home. Almost. Can you imagine AT&T ever marking a dozen cabbages??? 
Actually, sure. I could. 
I could also imagine them pulling all my damn flags.