New Plant: Kaveri Lily

The fine folks at Longfield Gardens sent me a few of these 'Kaveri' hybrid lily bulbs to try. I almost said "no" because I'm not that into lilies, honestly, but the color and height intrigued me. So they sent them, I stuck them in the ground and LOW AND BEHOLD... I did not expect to love them this much. 
I took these photos with my iPhone so you can imagine what they are like IRL!
The color: Ok, I don't even know how to describe it other than.... It does not look like it IS those colors. It looks like someone has painted these Cheetos/Flaming Hot Cheetos colors onto white bisque porcelain lilies. There's a light coming from within them that's like, whoa. Way better than I expected and I am in LOVE with the color. It looks especially awesome with this black Elderberry and golden Hops all around it. 
I find the name 'Kaveri' hard to remember, so I just remember KABOOM and VERY!

The scent: Since it's a hybrid Lily, it does have a really great smell. Not gaggy like Stargazer. yeah, I know, you LOVVVE how Stargazer smells. 

The height: Advertised at 3'-4', mine is just over 2'. I'm bummed by this, only because I put them someplace that needed a 4' plant. But of course, it could reach that next year. The weather here has been dark and rainy so they really haven't had the best start in life. 
If you stare too long, you may get hypnotized and start thinking you're a chicken. Or something.