A Pretty, Seedy,Edible I Can't Live Without (but I'll NEVER have to try because... did I mention SEEDY?)

I first learned to love Jewels of Opar (Talinum paniculatum) as an annual. I love the way it defies texture and color rules. It's neon chartreuse and barely pink. Or is it the other way around? It takes up space but doesn't, with it's airy stalks, minute long blooms and long lasting, alien-like seed balls. It's smoke-like and modern. It has presence but also movement. Ah, it's a rare thing, a plant that does many things and is good at all of them.
Talinum paniculatum's airy wands make this photo look weird from a distance

Plus, it seeds out all over the place. Last week I brought some in for a bouquet and I though "oh great, now I'll have it growing out of the crevices in the kitchen floor". It is THAT seedy.
Jewels of Opar- getting clearer now!

How bad can it be, this beautiful plant that seeds out absolutely anywhere, since it's leaves are a terrific addition to salads? It's free, beautiful, food. That can't be bad in my book.
Especially rad if mixed with red leaved lettuces, if you ask me.
There's a flower bud and a few seed heads

It tastes a lot like a leaf. You can take that definition to the bank.

You know what else you can take to the bank? Or maybe the post office? Send me a SASE to Kiss My Aster PO box 194 Palos Park IL 60464 and I'll send you some seeds for this plant. One seed pod per envelope, but it's enough! That's how I got this big bed of them! One seed pod.
I can only keep this up as long as they are out there so let's say this offer expired at the end of September, 2015. Ok?