Bubble Guppy in a Specimen Jar. What Could Go Wrong?

Dan is in Key West for a friend's birthday, so it's a girls' weekend over here.Just me and my 4-year-old, Hazel. I had an invite to attend The Niche Lab's grand opening party and I figured, since Hazel checked it out and totally enjoyed the lab last week when I dropped off some terrariums, she would enjoy going to the party. 
She lasted 20 minutes.Tops. 

When we dropped by last week, Hazel was in LOVE with all the human anatomical charts and models that decorate the place. She especially loved the specimen jars that held frogs, hedgehogs, chipmunks and kangaroos hearts. She's braver than I am, at 4. 

The shop's owner, Mickey, was great at explaining the jars to Hazel. And during the few days between our first visit and the party, she talked about the jars non-stop.

On Saturday night, right before the party, Hazel decided to make a special specimen jar as a gift for Mickey. Hazel loves Mickey. Hazel wanted to chose a toy from her toy room and shove it in a baby food jar, fill it with water and give it to Mickey at the party. It was then that Hazel was paralyzed by the idea of actually giving one of her toys away (are all 4-year-olds toy misers?) and she had a total meltdown. She was so excited to make and give this thing and freaked out by loss at the same time. It was a massive freak out. We could have filled that jar with tears.
She finally decided on putting Gil from Bubble Guppies in the jar, after trying to jam a white horse into a jar for a few minutes. I was surprised but pleased at the resolution. Hell, I'm happy to get rid of toys any way I can. 

We shoved him in a jar and filled it with water. Get in the car, cruise downtown and go to the party. 

She was sooooo excited to give her specimen jar with the Merboy in it. But once she did, she totally tweaked out on emotions again and I had to stop her from stealing the jar back. 


Here is Hazel asking questions about specimen jars. As Mickey tells her a rabbit is in that jar, Hazel says "you mean a DEAD rabbit". Repeat for every animal.

The Niche Lab is at 3328 W North Ave, Chicago and offers classes to kids and adults in subjects like slime making and taxidermy. I am teaching terrarium class and they have some terrariums I made for sale in their rad shop.