I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss.

Hazel peed the bed the last 3 nights. I take that back, she peed the bed 3 nights ago and again 2 nights ago... She then got accustomed to peeing the bed and was up at 5:30 this morning AS IF she HAD peed the bed, but she hadn't. It's been 3 rough pre-dawns. We are both a little ragged.

Since we were up early we hit the gym together, early. She had a melt down because the little cafe in the gym wasn't open. A serious one.She has a strawberry smoothie habit and she wasn't going to be getting her fix today. I had to haul her out of the gym, kicking and screaming, further extending my workout.

Then we are home and it's only 10am and it feels like 2pm. I ask her would she like to go plant a load of lovely, odd-ball bulbs from John Scheepers and she said she would like that.

I should have known from the weird laugh that we were on the precipice of Very Bad Things, but I had bulbs to get in the ground. Isn't that always the way it goes down?
She helped plant the Muscari and it was great. I used it as a way to teach subtraction and I was glowing with that Momular feeling we are all striving for. "Oh, I am beautifying my life and my yard and also teaching my child math. Naturally!"She grabbed the correct marking stick on the first try, prompting me to coo "Hazel, did you learn to read? You are AMAZING!"

I dug holes while she dropped the bulbs in. She also added chatter. The SAME chatter. Over and over.
"Mommm. What's deez root things?"
"Roots, honey"
"What's deez root things?"

When planting the last selection (the sexy Allium 'Forelock') she just lost it. I showed her the place I was gonna dig and she started up, sobbing, "THAT IS NOT WHERE I WANT THEM. YOU ARE GOING TO KILL THEM. HOW COULD YOU? THAT IS NOT THE RIGHT PLACE. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING."

Holy shit.
I got enough of that when I worked in Landscaping for the Wealthy.

20 minutes of quiet with a coloring book and she's back to lovely. We both are.