Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over

I woke up to this email
It's a nice warning for a gardener to get, even if the forecast is already changing to a less dire one.  If you think you could benefit from a warning like this, you can get it by using the app IFTTT and this recipe. I've been using this for over a year now and I really like it.

Now that I am properly warned, what am I gonna do about it? Well, I'm feeling very lazy but I'm not ready to say goodbye. The first thing I'll do it make sure everything is deeply watered, because even though that sounds like utter malarkey it totally helps things not freeze. 
Also? I'm taking photos of EVERYTHING. It may be the last photo I get of that plant for 2015. 
Then I will get out the Star Wars sheets and figure out what I can cover and what I'm ready ditch. It's probably time to kiss all the tomatoes goodbye, although it hurts like a papercut with lime juice in it. I will probably try to prolong some of the dahlias though, especially because I've had a miserable dahlia year and some of them are just starting to crank.  Once I get past this weekend, the weather is quite lovely, so whatever I work on saving... It'll be worth it! 

I'll also be bringing in houseplants, succulents and any tropicals I think I can overwinter. Which, I think, should be none if I base my decision making in any sort of reality.  I have an old wood ironing board that gets popped into place and the bulk of plants that come in sit on that all winter, arm-wrestling for sun all winter and then die right before the weather gets nice enough to bring them back out. Basically, winter is just like the Olympics for my vacuum cleaner.