2015 Winter Pots, Wreaths and Weirdness

I'm always a Last Minute Sally but I'm pretty ambitions about my seasonal switch-outs and that shit takes time, good weather and money. Rarely do I have all of those in my pocket. 
This year, we went from renters of this suburban mid-century ranch, to owners of the same falling-down money pit. Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. So, now that we could, we cut down the overgrown, original foundation shrubbery and I haven't gotten the old landscape timbers and RED LAVA ROCK cleaned up yet, let alone have my new plan-of-attack planted yet, so the house looks a bit raw so I really wanted some jazzy-ass pots to distract the eye. I really wanted to go mid-century, but that quickly bled into 1000 ideas and looks and things I wanted to use and re-use. So, here we go!
I started mid-century: I ballasted old birch logs with sand and gravel, topped them with aqua aquarium gravel and glued eye hooks into the tops of the rotting logs. I bought fuzzy, green yarn that reminded me of the 70s and tied it onto the eye hooks and the other ends got tied into handmade wreaths with LED battery operated fairy lights. I LOVVVVE them.

A square wreath with slimy slugs, left over from out nut-free Halloween goodie bags. I tied them on with fishing line.
Of note: Yes, those are florescent light bulbs

Of note: Glass ornaments in the tennis ball caddie. A really stupid gamble!
I bought this bell wall hanging thing at HomeGoods for $30 (on clearance). It was a metallic coppery brass so I spray painted it and used it as a wreath frame