Take My Tomato, Please!

Tomatoes are the raison d'etre for gardeners. No debating it.

But still--I don't lovvvvvvve tomatoes, or growing them, honestly.
I'd never eat one like an apple, but I do enjoy a nice BLT (facon or real bacon, your choice), or a little mozzarella and basil and I'm in. I make salsa so potent that the grade of tomato isn't even important. I don't see myself having the time to can or even freeze anything while my Hazelnut is young... Plus tomato plants get so dang HUGE and they take over by the end of summer, tomato hornworms are so gross and sometimes the fruit splits before I can make use of them. Still, I grew about 10 kinds last year and totally enjoyed handing brown paper sandwich bags full of them to people I like.
laundry baskets do it all
this was a volunteer
a day's harvest

Here's my top 4 from 2015:

1. Pork Chop- I will not mince words, this is the holy grail of tomatoes, especially if you like yellow ones, which I do. I'm pretty much obsessed with yellow tomatoes. They lack mellowness, much like myself. This one is sweet, bright but not too acidic. Also, like myself.
Everything about this tomato is exciting. It ripens overnight, after an unholy long wait. You will think there's no way that thing will ever, ever ripen and then... It's like when Beyonce drops an album or video out of the blue. Yes. It's just like that.
the first Pork Chop
Pork Chop gets so large and orangey-yellow that Hazel calls them pumpkins. You can, and should, get the seeds here
bringing tomatoes to an unsuspecting winner

that spider totally ate those tomatoes up, in their entirety

slice me!

2. Rapunzel- I knew the sales photos were too good to be true, but they weren't too far off! This is a new tomato, great for containers and... this tomato is unstoppable. It kept going after a frost, after a few frosts, in fact. And, yesterday, when I went to clean out the containers I grew them in last year? There are still fruit that look mostly fine laying around the pot. What the what??
Rapunzel and friends growing in a vintage toy box

Of everything I grew, this was most frequented by hornworms , but the parasitic wasps were RIGHT THERE, on top of their shizz.
Hornworm, entertaining guests
They were standard grape tomatoes. Nothing amazing about the taste, just gorgeous and tough...uh, much like myself.
I'd grow these again, but I wouldn't go so far as to start them myself. If I saw some starts someplace, I'd buy them in a heartbeat. If you want to try them, you can find the seeds here.

3. Tiny Tim- This12" tall cherry tomato should be sold on it's lush blue-green foliage and the fact that it's more shade tolerant than the rest of the crew, but it isn't. Who cares how it tastes? It's beautiful, works great in containers (it really is tiny!) and works places it shouldn't be able to. A great tomato to start too many seeds of so you can share with friends. Get it here.
Tiny Tim & Nasturtiums

4. Garden Peach- This fuzzy, peach-colored tomato should be grown just to confuse people. Bonus: It was BY FAR the earliest tomato in my garden. And, as first tomatoes go, it was delicious. I didn't get a ton because I seem to have planted them in a dead zone. Nothing I planted in that new bed flourished, but it kept on going. A trait which I admire... Get it here.  
Garden Peach- you can't really see the fuzz, but it was there!