Putting A Ring On It

When I go speak to a group of gardeners, I talk about bowling balls, glitter as a mulch, toilets as planters, how to let dandelions grow to feed the bees and 15 foot-tall garden gnomes. I speak of very little that would give someone a reason to trust my honest opinion on anything other than where to find the nearest junk yard. Yet, inevitably, the first question I get asked is what fertilizer I recommend. Perhaps they know I'm so full of, uh, manure, that I might know a thing or two about it?

My status with fertilizers, until now, has been "it's complicated". I've used whatever organic fertilizers I could find easily, mostly at the Big Boxes, and a few more hard-to-find, multi-step products too, but nothing I could be "in a relationship with". Now I'm loving on Healthy Grow fertilizers for these reasons:
1. I love the story of a first-grade teacher turning the act of showing kids how chicks hatch into sustainable, big deal, organic egg operation. This guy seems to have wanted to do the right thing at every turn and now runs a OMRI listed, certified humane, self-sustaining chicken operation. The chicken poop that is the by-product of the egg producing operation is a perfect organic fertilizer.
2. I've actually been buying eggs from this producer for years, not knowing that they took this thing FULL CIRCLE into the fertilizer biz. That's a feel good if ever there was one. I buy these eggs that are a little more expensive because I want to do the right thing, now I'm composting their egg cartons and egg shells AND using their products to make my plants GET HUGGGE!
3. I can get this stuff shipped via Amazon. And as I always say, "Always buy local... or Amazon".
4. For me, this is a local thing. They are Illinois based and I'll jump all over something that is based in the Midwest.
5. In few weeks I've been using this stuff, I've seen great results, so far in containers and on my seedlings. The results have been good enough that I've buzzed through many of the samples Healthy Grow has sent me and I've bought more on my own. So this post is sponsored/not sponsored. I'm thrilled to put my money where my mouth is. Get it? Because I'm going to eat the food I'm growing in my garden!

6. I've always wanted chickens, so I could harness their poop for fertilizing purposes, but we have a ton of coyotes here (the one we see most often is named "Blueberry, according to Hazel) and I just see heartbreak in it. This eliminates a lot of the heartbreak.
7. They have worm castings in a big ol' bag. Which, since I murdered my red wigglers in 2012, I'm relieved to find in a method that's non-murdery.

I've passed up a lot of opportunities to work with companies in the past. I'm stoked to watch my garden grow on this stuff this summer and, oh yes, you'll be hearing more about it!

 You can find out more about it here, yo.